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Hi! Welcome to the Sixtale wiki! Sadly, it is in no way finished. I hope that if you're viewing this, you can set aside what we don't have, and look at what we do. Also, we're open to suggestions.

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why hello there X3 if you guys can give me some examples, i can draw and speedpaint them! Also, who else noticed that SixTale sounds deadly like SixBones? ok...well i will get to drawing and i will add some pictures to this Wiki so, see you guys soon X3

Admin response: Yes, many people have probably noticed that. I will get pages up asap with a drawing of the character. Also, Sixtale is deadly. But only for humans. If you do not want to wait for them to come up on pages, i understand. We can work something out over that, to all others reading this, peace.

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