A kind, rude character that's just worried about his brother


He has a red jacket with a half purple half blue heart on one pocket, a half purple half blue diamond on the other. he has pink fur on every end of his jacket (hood, sleeves, and bottom) he has three red stripes on each pant leg, and he has magenta slippers. He also has a crack in his skull shaped kinda like a pitchfork, one half red half magenta eye, and one pink eye. In the eye that's pink he also he has determination in the corner of his eye socket


He's the other prankster in the group. He's kind, he's rude, He'll put bugs in your cereal. He's growing more worried about Papyrus, though.  

Wills & WishesEdit

  1. For Papyrus to tell him what's wrong
  2. To find someone that loves him
  3. Get the determination out of his eye socket
  4. To find out who the little wandering girl is
  5. To find out who Gaster is


+FRISK - +Frisk is Sans' favorite version of Frisk. Like most, he believes



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